Doing Good Works will not Get You to Heaven

I do believe that doing good works is good, but doing good works will not save anyone.

Someone could spend fifty years in the medical field, be good as what he or she does, and be helpful to people. Does this mean, even though the doctor knows a lot about the human body, medicines, illnesses, and has helped a lot of people, that the doctor can go to Heaven, just because he or she has done several good works throughout his or her life? Not at all.

The Bible says:

“We are unfit to worship you;
each of our good deeds
is merely a filthy rag.
We dry up like leaves;
our sins are storm winds
sweeping us away.” – Isaiah 64:6 CEV

Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, and, of course, the only way to get to Heaven.

” ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life!’ Jesus answered. ‘Without me, no one can go to the Father.’ “ – John 14:6 CEV

Remember that doing good works is great. However good works will not get to you Heaven. Only accepting Jesus Christ as your savior will get you to Heaven.

Want to know how to be saved? If so, click here.

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Switch Between Many Programs that are Running on Your Computer

Have you ran several programs at once on your computer, but found that switching between them was time consuming? Was it, if nothing else, annoying to switch between the many programs running?

In Windows 7 (not sure if this works in Vista or XP; you can, of course, try it out and see if it works!), you can press Alt+Tab to switch between programs. Remember to hold down the Alt key while pressing the Tab key to select the program that you want to go to.

Nifty little feature, eh?

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Happy 4th of July!


Have a happy 4th and stay safe when using fireworks!


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