About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Last Updated: 04-13-2020

  • I am a born-again Christian believer (John 3:1-21; John 14:6; Romans 10:9).
  • I have 11 1/2 years experience working with servers.
  • I make use of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD for the work that I do, and won’t refuse to use something other than Windows when needed.
  • I do IT work for a local business.
  • I host websites for local businesses.
  • I have experience using Microsoft Windows for running desktops and well as servers.
  • I have experience using Linux web-servers, email servers, MySQL servers, and DNS servers.
  • I can program in the following programming languages (from best experienced to least experienced): C#, PowerShell, PHP, JavaScript, VB.Net, C++
  • I have dabbled programming in: Python, Perl, Ruby, and Java
  • I prefer using Android (a Linux mobile operating system) over iOS (Appleā€™s mobile operating system that is used on devices like the iPhone and the iPod).
  • I use FreeBSD for a router of mine.
  • I have worked on several personal projects including an online Bible reading website (KJV Bible translation). Click here if you wish to view it.