Types of Friends

There are many types of friends out there. Some are friendlier than others. A few are really not friends, but pretend to be. Others try to be a friend, but maybe it just doesn’t work out. Let’s talk about the different types of friends.

Just Around: These types of “friends” are really not friends, but just people that you see while you are at an activity. For example – A person you talk to who sets the scoreboard up at a small basketball game.

Acquaintances: These people you know by name (usually by someone introducing you to that person) and you really have only talked to them maybe once or twice. This person could volunteer to help you out with a problem, but more than likely you might just get advice from this type of friend. For example – A person who explains to you what is the best way to make a payment, without helping you make the payment.

Sort-of There: These types of friends you usually see at least once (maybe twice) a week. You talk to them occasionally. You know a little about them, and they know a little about you. You might even go on a trip as a group with that person.

There to Help: This type of friend is there to help you with different things. You may need your lawn mowed, and you cannot get it done yourself because you have a sprained ankle. This person would help you out with the lawn mowing for the two weeks you are hurt. For example – next-door neighbor

Beside You: This type of friend is right next to you whenever you need them. Just lost your house due to a fire? This friend will let you stay with them and help you look for a new house, help you buy a new house, help you buy things for the new house (because all of the previous belongings were burned up), etc. For example – family or someone at your church



PRETEND FRIENDS: Look out for this type of people. These people WILL pretend to be your friends, but they are really looking for a way that you can serve their purpose. They hurt you, pretend to be sorry, and then hurt you again (without giving a care). You have money? They will try to get it from you. Have fame? They will try to get into the spotlight. Have great abilities? They will abuse your abilities for their own purpose. You might even help them hurt someone else without you ever knowing much less meaning to, but the one thing they all want from you no matter what is: YOUR TIME. They will sit down with you and explain (the amount of time they take to explain their idea to you could be five minutes or five hours) why you should do it their way, but what they are really explaining to you is how you can make them money, famous, powerful, in a better position, etc.

The Bible warns people to not hang around with bad people, because they will influence you into doing the evil stuff they are already doing.

“Don’t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33 CEV

Remember to watch out who you are friends with!

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