Ad-Free Blogging: Here’s Why I Don’t Display Ads

Some of my readers (especially the long-time ones) may have taken note that my blog is ad-free, and I’d like to take a moment to share my personal reasons for this choice:

  1. I started this blog not with the intention of making money, but rather for writing and sharing content with others.
  2. Unfortunately, ads have been associated with malware, and I wouldn’t want anyone encountering malware issues – from an ad – while reading my blog.
  3. Many ad networks track web visitors across various websites to tailor ads based on their perceived interests. I believe in respecting the privacy of my readers, and I don’t want them to be subjected to random ad networks tracking their online activities.
  4. Not having ads allows me to avoid any potential issues with inappropriate content. I would have little to no control over what ads a person may be shown when visiting my blog.

In a nutshell, my blog remains ad-free because I prioritize writing, online safety, and privacy for those who decide to visit my blog.


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