FPS Creator

I have used FPS Creator, off and on, for years. It is a neat program for people who want to make FPS (First-Person Shooter) style games. While FPS Creator is not perfect, and it does not blow your socks off, it is handy for people who like making games.

Program Stability

Stability is important when creating video games. You do not want a game making system that crashes on you ever five minutes. FPS Creator is pretty stable except for a few instances when it would just randomly crash (like when building the finished game), or you do a CRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard and it semi-crashes on you. However, for what FPS Creator gives you (which I will discuss later) it is certainly worth putting up with, if you are determined to make a video game with little experience.


FPS Creator gives you the user a lot of control over your video game. While it does not give everything and the kitchen sink, it does include support for shaders, multiplayer, adding your own media (very important), story zone (plays a video), win zone (finishes the level), sound zone (with a script that allows for 3D sound), lights, etc.

Ease of Use

FPS Creator is very easy to use. You literally paint your levels on the screen! When is the last time you heard of that? A person with little to no experience could potentially have a whole level completed within a few hours. Most game making systems, the user would have to speed several weeks (even months) to just make a half-decent game that people would purchase.


The current price for FPS Creator (at the time of this blog post) is $49.99. That is not bad, considering the ease of use and features you get. There is even a demo you can download.

FPS Creator is not for everyone. Check it out and decide for yourself.  http://www.fpscreator.com

Unfortunately, the product FPS Creator was discontinued.  However is was open-sourced a couple of years ago.  You can get the source code here:  https://github.com/TheGameCreators/FPS-Creator-Classic

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