Man is not Naturally Good

There are people who say that man is naturally good, but his circumstances cause him to do evil things. This is not a correct belief.

First off, if man were naturally good, then why would he do evil, since he naturally does good?

Secondly, how would someone be able to even say that man (meaning everyone) is naturally good? Have the people who claim this studied every single human being on Earth?

The Bible says:

“But all of them are corrupt; no one does right.” – Psalm 14:3 CEV

“No one in this world always does right.” – Ecclesiastes 7:20 CEV

“No one is loyal to God; no one does right. Everyone is brutal and eager to deceive everyone else.” – Micah 7:2 CEV

God knows that there is no one on Earth that does right. That is why he sent his Son Jesus Christ to make a way to escape eternal punishment in Hell.

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