Advantages to Using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Instead of Command Line

Here are advantages to using a GUI (point-and-click interface) instead of command line (typing commands, instead of point-and-clicking).

  1. Saves time editing configuration settings manually.
  2. Helps prevent mistakes that can easily happen when editing config files manually.
  3. Allows for easy memorization of tasks. You remember where you are supposed to point-and-click, instead of having to remember commands to type into a terminal.
  4. Allows average computer users (e.g., my grandma) to easily use a computer, without having to mess with the command line.
  5. Really helps to sell your software. Most people would not buy your software, if it did not have a point-and-click interface for them to use.
  6. This kinda goes along with #5, but having a graphical interface makes your software look professional to people who may be interested in using it.

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