Is There Anything Wrong with Using Linux as a Server?

I have used both Windows and Linux on servers. They both are capable operating systems. What you need to ask yourself is “What do I need and/or want?”

I cannot (nor can anyone else) tell you “you need to use Windows…or…you need to use Linux”. If you know what your goals are, then it will make it easier for you to decide which OS to use as a server.

Here are some tips on which OS to use, based upon some possible reasons you have for choosing one OS over the other. Please note these are based upon my own opinions from using both for several years.

Supports the Most Popular Web Technologies Windows/Linux (a tie)

(Windows does support ASP & ASP.Net, whereas Linux officially does not)

Makes Better Use of Your CPU Windows
Makes Better Use of Your Memory Linux
More Flexible (not counting file-system security permissions) Linux
Out-of-the-Box Security Windows
More Stable Windows / Linux (a tie)*
Availability of Free Server Software Linux
Available Online Support Windows / Linux (a tie)
Flexibility of File-system Security Windows**
More User-Friendly Windows

* In my opinion, 99% of crashes on Windows are due to faulty hardware and/or drivers. However, both Windows (NT family) and Linux are stable operating systems, when using good, stable hardware and good, stable drivers.

** Due to the fact that Windows uses ACLs (Access Control Lists) by default. ACLs are much more flexible than UNIX Read/Write/Execute bits.

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