Something Interesting that Happened with a VPN Service

Since my last couple of posts have been about VPNs, I decided to share a recent experience I had with a paid VPN service (not going to give out the name).

I have a website I have been working on for a little while now (brand new; only two friends know about it; Google had not listed it yet).

I tested my new website by browsing to it from a remote location (via a paid VPN service) to see if it came up fine.

Unexpectedly, later on that day, a computer from France suddenly accessed my website (Quick Note: the VPN IP address I used was not located in France).

Soon after, Google suddenly knew about my website and the next day indexed it.

Now I admit I did not have the website password protected before launch (I should have), but what I find strange is that there was no real web traffic to my website until I used the VPN service.

I am not the type of person to become paranoid, but I find that to be quite a coincidence. I was left wondering if my VPN service was in fact spying on me. As I said, there was practically no traffic to my new website, and that was the case for around a week.

Please keep in mind I have no proof that my VPN service was spying on me. It may have been Google (and the other random computer from France) just happened to find out about the website the same day I used the VPN.

I guess I am left with an unsolved mystery. 🙂

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